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Our partners

At Unthinkable Comedy, we take the basic principles of improv comedy and translate them into fun and engaging ways for children and professionals alike to advance their skills in listening, collaboration, creative thinking and building on ideas. We collaborate with employers, schools, and after school programs to bring the fundamental benefits of improv directly to you! 


Do you want to level up your next offsite or bring more connectedness to your team while having a great time together?  Unthinkable @ Work teaches the basic principles of improv comedy and how they can be leveraged in a professional and collaborative environment.  Workshops are fully customizable to meet you and your organization's goals.

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Enrichment partners

Unthinkable Comedy works with schools and after school programs to bring a high quality, customizable curriculum to students of all ages, encouraging collaboration and creative thinking through short & long form improv comedy exercises and games. 

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